2019 Vasari 21 “What is a Drawing?” Ann Landi

2018  The Slow Muse "The Unity of Everything" Deborah Barlow
           New York Artists Circle "On Grown and Form"   Elizabeth Mead
           New York Artists Circle  "Studio Visit"
           Vasari 21  "The Next Step"  Ann Landi

2017  The BIG Small Show Exhibition Catalog Victory Hall Drawing Rooms
          Bold and Beautiful The Nieuw Art Blog  Bruce Halpin
          Levekunst Art of Life  "Bamiyan Reborn"  December 20

2016  The BIG Small Show Exhibition Catalog Victory Hall Drawing Rooms

2013   Cosmologies  Exhibition Catalog essay by Lilly Wei

2012   Buddhist Mysticism rides the Cutting Edge in 'Contemporary Mandala' at
              Emory’s Visual Arts Gallery
ArtsCritic   Jerry Cullum

2011    Peace of Mind   San Antonio Museum Examiner   Kristian Jaime
           Marked Differences  Kentler International Drawing Space   Roberta Waddell

2009   Here There and Everywhere: Anticipating the Future of Art  Trans Cultural
            World Leaders should see the Frost Art Museum's Latest Exhibits,
               Miami New Times,
Nov. 3   Carlos Suarez De Jesus

2007    The Flag Project  The Rubin Museum of Art
             The Shambhala Sun

2006    Tips and Picks   New York Arts Magazine
   Artweek   Annie Buckley
              The Missing Peace-Artists Consider the Dalai Lama-Exhibition Catalog
              The Missing Peace   Coagula Art Journal   S.A. DuTan

2005     New Prints/2005 Autumn  International Print Center NY  Nancy Princenthal
              Forces of Nature      South County Independent    Doug Norris

2004     Meditation in New York  New York Arts    Lori Ortis

2003     Ephemeris    Exhibition Catalog   Daniel Baird
              New Prints 2003/ Spring    International Print Center NY   Faye Hirsch
               Look Up! Contemplating the Skies  Exhibition Catalog  Fred Moreno, Thomas Woodruff 

2002     Boulevard , Volume 18
              The Lure of Diversity  
International Print Center NY   Marilyn Kushner
              Bamiyan Reborn" The Art Newspaper  Martin Bailey

2001      New York Times:  February 4   William Zimmer
              Brooklyn Rail  Issue#43-44,  Issue#45-46
              Celebration 1991-2001  
Stone Quarry Hill Art Park: Exhibition Catalog
              Repetition in Discourse   Exhibition Catalog   Daniel Baird